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Where do tadpoles change?

Tips: "Change Tadpoles":
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You've got one change left. what do you do?
...Something extraordinary happened while you slept last night. Your world has changed forever, because today you woke up being able to make just one more change before you die. You get to make a single change before you buy the farm, pop your clogs and kick the... you've got one change left. what do you do?

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Change tadpoles discussion

Melly - #TeamMarina: Emily moved from Tadpoles to Froglets at daycare today - my little girl is growing up!! :o( #fb
Comment: We walked in there, I gave her a hug & a kiss, she sat straight down on the mat and waved goodbye with a big smile on her face. So different from Josiah! He gets anxious about change and needs a lot of reassurance and time to adjust. She was like "Oh, I'm in this room now? That's cool."
When visiting my brother, Erin (3) went in the potty and then very proudly showed us her wee. She was most put out that Helen wasn't there; "Where's Auntie Helen?" she asked me, after I'd inspected the potty and congratulated her.
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