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Who is the artist singer of song for honda holidays commercial?

Tips: "Holidays Commercial Honda":
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Relate discussion: Happy Honda Days | Skeletor
Remember that sheer exultation you felt when you got Skeletor for the holidays? Feel that exultation again by getting a Honda CR-V during the Happy Honda Day...

They talk:
#1. Did Seth Green have anything to do with these commercials? This has Robot Chicken written all over it. Even the Skeletor voice on this sounds like the voice they used on the Robot Chicken/He-man skits.

#2. "clumsy mortals"? Who the hell makes all these commercials for Honda?.. Clearly you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE.. Skeletor isn't Immortal and would never call other people "mortals" as an insult... idiots. 

#3. Dwayne Pinkney and DingusTaargus, since you two had spoke your minds, I am speaking mine. I think you two really need to just back off of each other and stop throwing around insults. True, there may be discrepancies in commercials like this. Yet the point of the commercial is not only it was to advertise the Honda event, but to also raise interest in those that not only grew up on He-Man, but also those that never had! It would be cool if there would be a new and improved movie for the show! But even if this commercial is enough to raise a new generation of Masters of the Universe fans, I am sure that because of that, some people would become diligent of all the character statistics. The point of this post? There are other people trying to enjoy videos like this, even though this one may be a little off base. But there is really no point of insulting people's intelligence. For even if one may be behind on He-man, he or she may be well schooled on other things that would be for the betterment of society. Besides, the insults you two are throwing is nothing but cyberbullying! It is not constructive, and takes away from the enjoyment of such videos like this for those that's trying to view them. So please take these childish games elsewhere, so we can enjoy this one in peace. And if you retaliate against me for this post, I will just simply block you, for I want no part of it.

#4. DO NOT BUY A HONDA UNLESS YOU WANT EVERYTHING IN YOUR VEHICLE STOLEN!!! Honda keys are programmed to roll down all windows when the "unlock" button is held down. MANY people have complained that this feature cannot be disabled - and when the key is in a pocket or purse and the button is pressed accidentally (without the person's knowledge) and they happen to be in their house or near the vehicle - ALL WINDOWS ROLL DOWN without the person's knowledge. The next morning people are finding their car with the windows all down and everything gone from inside - or filled with rain or snow! Honda is not responding to complaints that this feature cannot be disabled. Be warned!! If you unlock the car by accident, it locks itself in 45 seconds. If you roll down the windows by accident, they STAY ROLLED DOWN UNTIL YOU FIND THEM!!! See many complaints listed here:

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Thatotherseth: My mom worked at a Honda dealership around Christmas last year and instead of happy holidays we said happy Honda days bc commercial lol

BarryNMooch: Honda commercial "I'm Stretch Armstrong, remember when you got me for the "HOLIDAYS"? Fuck off Honda. It's Christmas.Last of your shit I buy

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