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Why does the guy in this katy perry video looks like leonardo dicaprio?

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Leonardo dicaprio video discussion

Victor Ganata: Why Don't Men Understand Women? Altered Neural Networks for Reading the Language of Male and Female Eyes - PLOS One
Comment: I kind of wonder if this is learned and not innate. Because if you don't tend to look in women's eyes and get distracted by other things, then of course you're not going to learn how to read their facial expressions.
I seem to remember something similar about people who grew up in homogenous populations having difficulty reading the expressions of people from different racial/ethnic backgrounds, while people who grew up in diverse populations didn't have this same handicap.
Really? But shouldn't those skills be developed within populations? I think there is a disregard for the "other" as being "beneath consideration" at work here... and perhaps I've answered my own question. Edit: Similar phenomena: when a member of a minority population is walking up an aisle, a member of the majority has to be asked to give passage whereas they just move for one of their own (happened this morning). Or the majority has no compunction about interrupting one of your conversations with "something important" that really could wait. Even when they outrank me I will often remind them of their manners.
I can't remember where I saw that paper about how people from dominant populations have difficulty recognizing facial expressions in people from minority populations, but Wikipedia does have a page describing the cross-race effect
Victor that link is interesting. While watching a Korean TV show in NY, some white lady said, "Konichiwa" to them and they kept saying, "We're Korean.". Then they went to Madame Tussad's and thought that Harrison Ford and Leonardo DiCaprio looked alike.
There is a lot of research on how visual perception develops in infancy that may play a role regarding how well we can read and/or distinguish faces? If nothing else here is a cute video about it with lemurs:
I think it might actually have something to do with synaptic pruning. The human brain is actually quite remarkably plastic, but from birth until the end of puberty, your brain relentlessly eliminates any synapses that aren't being used, so if you aren't constantly exposed to certain stimuli before that time, it's possible you really do lose your ability to discern these kinds of things. I wish I could find that paper that demonstrated people who live in more cosmopolitan environments don't experience this problem, or at least, experience it to a lesser degree.
That is exactly what the video shows with lemurs and the same happens with language and the phonemes we are exposed to etc.
#derrickhrm. My folks used to say that they couldn't differentiate faces between my white classmates and/or their parents. I didn't believe my parents were racist (they didn't raise me to be nor did they tolerate racist attitudes in our home), yet there it was. I eventually concluded that they were just lazy when it came to my friends. Perhaps I misjudged? This is weird.
Imagine how much money you could make with a Rosetta Stone X Men Are From Mars/Women Are From Venus mashup.
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djangol judas: YOURS TRULY SINCE 2008. Siete caldi? Siete pronti? Domenica sera 2 marzo commentiamo gli Oscar 2014. Laiv su frenfi. [link streaming: appena ce l'abbiamo arrivi cerimonia
Comment: erano lunghissimi e han fatto i 3 premi principali tutti assieme, l'anno scorso dopo ogni premio c'era la pubblicità
Di Meggonaghiu su Twitter un po' di gente sottolinea il fatto che ha interpretato un film sull'AIDS ma non ha mai nominato l'AIDS nel suo discorso.
mah, io da un attore che ha sempre avuto parti da bonazzo vacuo e che è diventato bravo perché ha imbroccato una serie di ruoli sinceramente non mi aspetto grandi discorsi nel momento della consacrazione, mi aspetto che ringrazi la madonna. come in effetti ha fatto.
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Sean McBride: I'm a Tarantino fan, but "Django Unchained" was too long, poorly paced, witless and trashy in the bad sense. Christoph Waltz was the only bright (incandescent) spot.
Comment: You must have seen "Carnage," Sean, right? Christoph Waltz was terrific in that, too, as was the whole cast. Wish there were more movies like that one. Haven't seen Inglorious Bastards yet but understand Waltz is the best part of that movie, too.
I think its probably the writing. Men are more important characters, maybe? (Kate Winslet is terrific in Carnage, too, and has the best line of the movie. I won't spoil it.)
I am going to get into big trouble here, but I sometimes wonder if great art is often powered by a high level of aggression -- and that is usually testosterone-based. Have at me.
Sean, what do you think of the Manti Te-o story? I listened to Limbaugh for a bit this afternoon and he made an interesting argument that the national sports media deliberately protected the hoax for self-interest, purely because it was the kind of story they like, that sports stars also have great characters. All around beautiful human beings.
By aggression, I mean the will to impose one's personal vision on the world, with no prisoners taken. It requires an immense ego to make great art.
Testosterone. Hmmm. Sometimes when the male actor dominates the movie you wonder if it isn't in the contract. I think Tilda Swinton had to be a bit sly in Michael Clayton. Clooney has dominate to the movie. Thinking of Julia Roberts as Erin Brokovich, she was very aggressive but, IMO, she didn't make Erin a credible or interesting character.
I rate Marilyn Monroe as one of the greatest actresses of all time -- she makes it look so easy, but producing that kind magic requires the highest level of craft and inspiration.
By aggression I don't mean pushiness or violence -- I mean an absolute faith in one's vision -- in one's way at looking at the world -- and the personal force to express that vision with perfect clarity. When you run into that kind of talent, which is rare, you know it.
As an aside, did you know that Audrey Hepburn was 5'10? I read that a couple weeks ago and it was the most shocking thing that month. I always thought she was tiny. It was from her son who said that she told him she was "fake thin." (No, she was pretty thin. But she wasn't tiny.)
There was definitely something special about her. Part of the Andy Warhol-era exhibit at the Metropolitan that I saw a few weeks back was his iconic portraits. One is a wall of Marilyn Monroe lips and they are recognizably her lips. (Jackie Kennedy portrait - also an instantly recognizable icon.)
I didn't see The Reader. I think thats the one Kare Winslet got the Oscar for and not too much before that movie, she did a bit on Rickie Gervais "Extras" where she said that the way to get an Oscar was to do a Holocaust movie. Sure enough.
Berthe -- I watched Carnage last night. It's a strong movie, with superb actors, but the conventions of traditional staged plays often translate awkwardly to the screen -- at least for me. Waltz, of course, was especially brilliant. What a nightmare psychological jungle it portrayed -- incredibly suffocating.
Berthe -- Google Knowledge Graph is getting really good -- try Google [audrey hepburn height] -- it turns out she was 5'7".
oh, definitely, Carnage was a stage play movie but better than seeing it on the stage because the audience is closer with the movie; you're right in the room with them. I liked the fast pace and energy. Kate Winslet's line, "I wipe my a** with your human rights!"
Yes -- the play was very kinetic and high energy -- and the movie version provides certain advantages -- one can focus in closely on facial expressions, for instance. That was a lot of talent packed into one suffocating room.
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Selçuk Erdem: Heyecanla beklediğim bir film kalmadı. Sizin var mı?
Comment: District 9
@seda bi ara Büstün çalışıyodu üzerine.Şimdiki ne durumda bilmiyorum.2sene önce falan baya heyecanlıydı film milm diye.
ölümcül içgüdü ikiyi bekliyorum, ilki için:
Surrogates -
@Selçuk, Nolan'ın elindeki son işi: Temmuz 2010'da US'de girecek gösterime, sonrasında kesin olmamakla birlikte Batman'in devam filmi var projeleri arasında..
creation (
Dün buldum. Enteresan. Kanalizasyon. 23 ekimde vizyona girecek olan kanalizasyon filminin yeni müzik klibi
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