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Why don t my jalapeno plants produce peppers?

Tips: "Peppers Produce Plants":
Consider the labor cost
...Plant to flower more. Perennials aren't totally carefree -- depending on the species and on your climate and soil, they also need some watering and fertilizer, but not as much attention as annuals. The perennials that tend to need the least maintenance are native plants -- those that evolved in your area and thrived, until gardeners came, with no care at all.... consider the labor cost

Prepare the soil for growing flowers and put it in the right space
...Good soil means good roots. Your flowering plants need healthy roots to support and nourish the stems, foliage and flowers. Loosen the soil down about six inches for annuals, ten to twelve inches for perennials. Mix in organic matter such as compost. Check the pH to see if you need to add lime or sulfur to... prepare the soil for growing flowers and put it in the right space

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...Easy to make. Of the entire vegetarian Chinese food recipes cashew broccoli is one of the quickest to prepare. Broccoli Red peppers Scallions Cashews Garlic Ginger Cornstarch Chicken broth low sodium Soy Sauce Sesame oil Cayenne pepper Cooking... vegetarian chinese food recipes cashew broccoli

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They talk:
#1. You would think that is Someone who sent you seeds you would at least remember who they are and give a show out. Just saying

#2. If your pepper plants are not flowering would you suggest doing this anyway? I'm about to harden mine off and thought this might increase yields.

#3. Don't know if you can root the part of the pepper that you cut off but I know for sure you can root cut tomato plants...provided its planted in wet dirt inside which gives it time to root.

#4. Sadly, your fruit (peach?) tree will not produce the same fruit quality from which it was harvested. it might not even produce anything at all, or if it does, it will likely be inedible. on the off chance it does produce fruit, let alone edible, you wont find out for 7-15 years. best chances to get real fruit trees is to take a shoot clipping from a mature fruit tree during spring pruning. put the shoot clipping in willow water for 8 weeks to root it, then transplant outdoors and you'll get correct fruit the first year. you'd like the few recent videos i posted on my channel. we're sharing nearly identical info! i will subscribe and learn, and if you see something you like on my channel, let me know, ill totally send you seeds!

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