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Why don t my jalapeno plants produce peppers?

Tips: "Peppers Produce Plants":
Vegetable gardening in winter
...Should be ideally early maturing crops or mid-season crops. In addition, they should be undemanding type of plants that do not grow too tall. The following are the typical winter crops. ·         Winter... vegetable gardening in winter

Choosing between annuals or perennials
...Annuals and perennials. As far as gardens are concerned, these are the two basic kinds of flowering plants. Annuals go through their whole life cycle in one growing season: sprouting from a seed, growing leaves and roots, producing flowers, creating seeds and then dying. They are... choosing between annuals or perennials

Create a beach themed bedroom
...Box collages, and to accessorize light weight wicker items like picture frames, lamps, wastebaskets, and laundry baskets. In addition to making items to decorate your room, bring some life into the room in the form of plants. Place both hanging plants and floor plants in from of the windows to bring a bit... create a beach themed bedroom

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Peppers produce plants discussion

Katy S: Now I'm mentally plotting out a veggie garden. I blame Spidra.
Comment: I will need cantaloupe. And maybe some watermelon, even though I can never get through a whole watermelon by myself.
My dream garden would include cauliflower, too. Obviously, there's no way I can plant all of this produce for just me.
Maybe. In the meantime, I will fantasize about having the type of huge veggie garden we had when I was a kid on the farm.
You can trade, like Jill suggests, or maybe there is a local charity or soup kitchen that you can donate any extra produce to.
What I really need are minions to tend the huge dream garden for me. I like getting the fresh produce, but I don't like doing the actual gardening work. I scorch in the sun and I don't like being all covered up in hot weather to do outdoor chores. Plus, tomato plants irritate my skin. I get a terrible red rash from the leaves and stems if I don't wear gloves.
I'll take the blame. 'Black Krim' is one of my favorite tomato varieties. Yum! I agree with Jyl that trading is good. I belong to a local produce trade group and if I get too much of one thing and not enough of another, I can swap for what I need/want. I have a bunch of tree-ripened oranges right now from that group. A way to avoid the sun is to do your gardening early in the morning or late in the afternoon (which are the best times to water anyway). I don't like scorching sun, either. I do enjoy working in the garden because plants interest me and it's the closest I get to meditating.
Oh, I never gardened during the prime sun hours, anyway. Really, if my skin wouldn't react poorly to the tomato plants and some weeds, it wouldn't bother me as much. Tomatoes in containers are a bit easier for me to work with because I keep them trimmed and in control. When they're in the ground, I tend to let them go crazy.
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Katy S: Rosemary, basil, the random herb pots, thyme, and the tomatoes.
Comment: I picked up 3 pepper plants. Two are marconi pepper plants and one will produce poblanos. I want more.
I found some of those longer window box-type planters at my parents' barn and they aren't using them, so I might plant some herb seeds in them. Those little herb pots came with more seeds than needed, so I figured I could plant them in another week or two so that the crops are staggered.
Holly - Poblanos make me really happy. :) They're tasty and not so hot that I can't serve them to certain family members who don't like hot stuff.
Now I want to get more plants. I still have two deep plastic containers that once each contained 35 pounds of cat litter. They might become pepper pots.
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