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Will sherlock season 3 episode 1 be on hulu plus?

Tips: "Hulu Episode Season":
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Hulu episode season discussion

p01yN0Nym0u5: #livingfor32 @livingfor32
Comment: #livingfor32 @livingfor32 #kevinbreslin @kevinbreslin #LentOffensive #WaveOfAction #GunControl #6WeekCycle #Anonymous #P01YN0NYM0U55
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Meg VMeg: Sighhhhhhhh there's nothing on teeveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :(((((((((((
Comment: Tons of stuff on Hulu, YouTube and Amazon Prime Instant Video, though. Also PBS site has a lot of full episode stuff.
Hmm. I haven't seen that. Have you seen Misfits already?
S1 is really excellent. Things get a little less excellent later simply because of personnel changes and how writers usually have trouble keeping such concepts afloat forever. Hulu has a page for its scifi stuff:
Yeah, that's another one that takes at least 2 seasons, if not 3? I didn't care so much until Jess came on the scene, even though I didn't like Jess very much. So...maybe 3. I like Paris a lot.
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Heather: So, BBC is kind of addicting huh?
Comment: It started with Doctor Who. Which lead to watching an episode of Graham Norton with David Tennant on. Which lead to watching more Graham Norton. And then we found out there's a Law & Order UK, so duh we're going to watch it. And then we watched Spaced. And now I'm hooked on The IT Crowd.
Hell yeah. I don't watch much of the scripted stuff that's currently airing but I watch a shit ton of BBC documentary/non-fiction programming. TunnelBear was the best purchase I've made all year.
I've seen things like The Vicar of Dibley, Are You Being Served?, and Keeping Up Appearances on PBS and I like them (especially the first), but I love BBC America and Netflix for finding all the other stuff that I'm so into now. I also saw a few episodes of Coupling and... oh of course! It's by Steven Moffat! Go figure. lol
There are plenty of BBC scripted things I like, I just find I'm not being adventurous and looking around for the currently airing stuff. Honestly, I have trouble getting through all the great history stuff I'm watching before it expires off iPlayer.
Whites is on Hulu and I recommend giving that a try (although it was canceled so it's a short season and you'll get no catharsis).
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N/A: Hangi dizileri baştan tekrar izlediniz?
Comment: ahha 7 numara. :) İyi Dost :)
Su ana kadar hicbir sezonu hatta bolumu 2 Kere izlememisimdir. Piyasada Miyon tane dizi varken Bir dizi in Bastan izlenir mi ya?
serhat, tebrik ederim. aramızda bir akıllı sen varmışsın. keşke daha önce düşünebilseydik.
Friends, bu kadar dizi içinde görememek şaşırttı açıkçası. Comedymax ara ara veriyor, gördüğümde kanal değiştiremiyorum.
Friends ve HIMYM... Friends'i kimbilir kaç tekrar izlemişimdir, görünce değiştiremiyorum ben de ve senelerdir izlememe rağmen hala izlemediğim bölümlere rastlayabiliyorum, ne bereketli diziymiş :))
bir de Monk vardı, gerçi polisiye dizileri olayları hatırlayınca tekrar izlemek zor oluyor ve heyecanı olmuyor, ama Monk'u tekrar izleyebilirim...
Monk açınca izleniyor ama gidip de bulup tekrar izleyim durumu olacak gibi değil. Sadece Monk da değil tüm sıradan polisiye diziler öyle. Hele de uyduruk Covert Affairs gibi olanlar tam komedi. White Collar biraz farklı hikayesi olan eğlenceli bir yapım denebilir. Onda bile gidip de yeniden izlenmez.
Stargate SG1 gibi dizileri içindeki luzumsuz kısımlardan arındıran ve özünü anlatan bir mini seri yapılsa diye çok düşünmüşümdür. Hatta belki farklı bir film.
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