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Would you sign up for government health care if it cost 300 500 per month?

Tips: "Cost Month Care":
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DSorensenME: dgattine We didn't deny health care to 70k. Most can get it on the exchange for cost of pack of cigs/month. mepolitics JBMcKane ASFried

EdenUSA: “Cars will cost as little as $200. People will have two-month vacation. They will care little for possessions....

MarkDonka: constancezaber MarkDonka This is true but in VT when it costs 400 per month and a 6000 deductible people will not get care due to cost.

Lifelineanimal: 2x per month we have low cost vaccination health clinics for dogs & cats. Pet care doesn't have to cost hundreds.

Miriamattwood: Finally watching 6 month love film investment Searching for Sugarman - it has only cost me £30 so obvs I don't care if it's good.

Imathew: fitzyfitzy lisacaswell but the month-by-monthiness trumps any opportunity cost I care about.

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